We rigged the election for Akeredolu to win – Former SSG alleges after retiring

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Ifedayo Abegunde, the former Secretary to the Ondo State Government who resigned on Monday July 6, has alleged that the 2016 governorship election in Ondo state was rigged in favour of Akeredolu.

He said this during an interview at Crest 87.7fm adding that he and some pillars of the ruling all progressives Congress (APC) made his win possible as he had already lost.

“It was through the powers from me and other APC pillars that made INEC declare Akeredolu as governor after he had lost the election.

“So, Akeredolu didn’t win the Ondo governorship election in 2016 but we made it possible for him to become governor.

“We were the pillars behind him and we will not support him again. He will lose this time around”, Adegunde said.

When questioned on why he resigned he said ; “Akeredolu has reduced the government to the property of his wife, son and in-laws and all government contracts goes to these same set of people from the State.”

He further denied claims of receiving N5M allocated monthly to his office, saying it was all a lie.

“Where on earth did the governor give me such funds or let him come forward with the evidence.

“Recently, I reported him to Governor Fayemi of Ekiti State and he promised to invite both of us to Abuja for settlement.

“I remember that I told Fayemi that I was going to spit on the face of Akeredolu if he repeated the lies that he was giving me N5m monthly.

“And I will then return to Akure to resign and as well inform the public of his looting spree.”

The former SSG also described the government of Akeredolu as the worst in the history of Ondo State, while recounting his experience with three different governors in the state


  1. Keep confessing. One day Apc will confess how they rigged the 2019 Presidential election in favour of Buhari. The wicked will never go unpunished.

  2. Those who drove Nigeria backward will surely be punished by Almighty God. Why confession now? Is there any solution to it now? What spoit have been spoiit? You better ammend your ways before it’s too late. We still have those ones like you underneath, they should also amend their ways.

  3. He should be arrested and prosecuted and also the governor too..Look at evidence, let’s act on it and kick election malpractice out

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