Funke Akindele didn’t buy me a new House – Pa James

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Legendary actor, Kayode Olasehinde ‘Ajirebi’ also known as Pa James has come out to debunk reports making the rounds that actress Funke Akindele bought him a new house after his home was destroyed by flood.

Speaking via a new video, the actor shared that she paid for a rented apartment for him to live in for the mean time. He went on to thank the popular actress for her kind gesture.

“God will keep you for helping me, I didn’t know people cared about me like this….I can’t thank you enough…for doing this to me while I am alive….to my fellow actors, you impressed me…..and thank you to Funke AKindele, he said

“I won’t lie she did me well….but I need to clear the air on the reports that she bought me a house, while passing on my street this morning, some area boys stopped me and hailed me saying they will visit me in the house Funke Akindele built for me and I was shocked. Funke only paid for an apartment for me to rent for the meantime……and I am truly grateful but she didn’t build me a house


  1. More power to her elbow, may Almighty God continuing blessing her at least she plays her own part. I also thank you for the gesture. If those who have the money can assist one another, Nigeria would have been better than this.

  2. Its quite a pity that those who entertain us and make a living in art industry with their God given talent, live in penury, while our politicians live in luxury and vigrantly display their illgotten wealth before us but my question is, is our movie industry so poor that our actors can not affod to build their own houses with the money they make from acting. Pa James is an old name in the movie industry that one may think that he is a millionaire, but alias he cant even rent a house in an emergency

  3. She did well eitherways
    But for an entertainer to live in slums, it shows our government hate the entertainment industry

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