Kiki Osinbanjo refutes claims of owning N800m property in Abuja

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Kiki Osinbanjo, daughter of vice president, Yemi Osinbanjo has refuted claims of owning a property worth N800m in Abuja where she runs her business.
This comes after journalist and former aide to President Jonathan, Jackson Ude took to Twitter to question how the entrepreneur got the money she used to acquire the property

Ude tweeted;

“How did Kiki Osinbajo, VP Osinbajo’s daughter, earn N800million she invested in the property housing her Glam’d Africa Beauty House in Abuja on 10 Durban Street, Wuse 2. Abuja?”

Reacting to Ude’s tweet she took to Instagram to state that she rented the property.
“For me, it’s completely unbelievable that a grown man will sit in his home and lie about me. A grown man who possibly has children of my age.

“Like many young women in Nigeria, I work hard, it may be difficult for people like him to understand that a young woman can work hard and be successful on her own steam.

“Anyone can verify the ownership of the property of Glamd Africa at AGIS in Abuja. I’m a tenant in that property. My landlord’s name is Mr Musa Adams“, she stated


  1. When you don’t have helpers it will be difficult to attain the height of success but when you have it will be like magic, that’s the situation of kiki the daughter of vice president yemi osinbajo. May Almighty God bless my families.

  2. It does mean u cant afford such property if u want. Ur dad was a billionaire before he became the Vice president going by his Asset declaration prior to his assumption of office. We know u are working hard for ur money but dont forget that with the status of ur family, u are at public glare. Nevertheless that does not exempt ur dad from engaging in some sleazy business. For his name to come on Magu trial is a slant for a man ordained a pastor.

  3. Well she clearly defended her dad integrity
    Maybe we shouldn’t generalise next time but carry out careful investigation before speaking

  4. Wow such a claim ought to be properly investigated
    For the accused to refute such allegations, it should spur us to search for truth

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