Police arrest Nurse who carried out abortion for Pastor who impregnated his daughter.

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Nurse Ogundimu Monilola has been arrested for helping the CAC Pastor, Oluwafemi Oyebola, to carry out series of abortions on his 24–year–old daughter which he impregnated three times in Ogun State.

Monilola who is the Assistant Chief Matron at the State General Hospital, Idiroko denied ever carrying out any abortion but the Police said she had in her statement earlier, admitted performing an abortion on the girl.
She said the pastor presented the girl for family planning at the hospital, claiming she was his house help while a man who identified himself as James, stood in as the girl’s husband for the service.
According to her, she never knew the family planning sought by the girl was targeted at shielding the incestuous lifestyle of her father


  1. All these nurses carrying out abortion for the ladies should be ban and their certificate should be seized, why would they be carrying out abortion for a girl like 12,13,14 etc it’s unfair. She should be penalized for that.

  2. Partners in crime. Some people are not worthy to wear the toga of pastor. What is this animalistic pastoring if he can do this heinous crime on his own blood. The idiot deserve to be castrated and jailed for life

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