Child Abuse: Women are wicked – Actress, Regina Chukwu

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Actress, Regina Chukwu says Women are wicked. She said this in reaction to series of child abuse reports from some women on their maids.

In a post she shared on her Instagram page, she expressed surprise as women who are supposed to be compassionate would treat their maids who are other women’s children, like slaves.

She wrote:

WOMEN pls y’all should come closer I want to ask you all a questions —— pls o why we women wicked like this? (Men dey learn) Like I don’t get, aren’t we supposed to be the ones with a very tender and compassionate hearts? How come we are stone hearted, why are we doing this for goodness sake or how do we even start to explain all this wicked acts by women. (Pls read through the news to understand)
Ok pls answer
Why are we treating our maids like slaves? Did I say slaves, sorry why are we treating children under our care like ANIMALS? Animals sef doesn’t deserve some kind of Wicked treatments melted on this kids whyyyyyyy? How can you drive a nail in another woman’s child’s head, how can you be so heartless to use a hot iron on another child’s skin, how can you be so Wicked to the extend of inserting pepper into a child’s private, how can you subject another woman’s child to sleeping in the toilet whyyyyyyyyy pls now women plssss we are mothers ( with or without children) we should not trade that soft heart we are meant to have. If that child is stubborn pls return her to her people (no be by force o)
women are WICKED o
I fear US o


  1. Women are ought to be the one to have emotions for the children due to what they went but unfortunately, they are the one who is maltreating them with series of beating and other domestic violence.

  2. Thank God it’s a woman and not a man that said this maybe they will take he serious

    Let those who have ears hear o

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