Magu helped Abba Kyari to hide looted funds – Nnamdi Kanu claims

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Leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has made claims that suspended acting chairman of the economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu whom he termed most corrupt EFCC boss was infact hiding looted funds for the late chief of staff, Abba Kyari.

He further alleged that Abba Kyari embezzled money meant for Aso clinic as his family took over the NNPC as their family business.

“Abba Kyari died on the 2nd day of April, we announced it, they were busy running around to get a mask for Abba Kyari instead of telling the people the truth.

“Abba Kyari embezzled #13.5 billion naira meant for Aso Rock Clinic. Himself and his family took over NNPC as their family business.

“There is nobody more corrupt than Magu the EFCC Chairman. He keeps money for Abba Kyari”.


    1. The present northern leaders are not human but sacred caw in quote,set of people who see themselves as owners of a country,people who incapacitated their own northern brothers by telling them to fight agay western education but can send their children abroad to study, day of reckoning is coming you guys will suffer for this crime against humanity .how can one fight corruption in the hands of corrupt product,credible men are out there with minds of fighting corruption in ideal manner without been self centered ,Allah God will incapacitate all of them that has been setting this country a blazed .

  1. Nigerians will be shocked to their marrow when eventually Abba Kyaris loot will be uncovered. Abachas loot will be a child play to that of Abba Kyari. He was the defacto president since 2017 till his demise in 2020

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