2020 Ballon D’or cancelled due to Coronavirus

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The Ballon d’or will not be awarded this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, organizers France football magazine announced on Monday.
“There will be no edition in 2020, because it turns out, after thoughtful consideration, that all the conditions are not met,” said Pascal Ferre, the editor of the magazine.
It will be the first time the trophy will not be awarded since Englishman Stanley Matthews won the inaugural edition in 1956.

“We believe that such a singular year cannot… be treated as an ordinary year,” he added.

“Two months (January and February), out of the eleven generally required to form an opinion and decide who should lift the trophies, represent far too little to gauge and judge, without forgetting that the other games were played –- or will be played –- in unusual conditions (behind closed doors, with five replacements, Champions League’s Final 8 played in a single game).”


  1. Eeyah! Life still continue, the COVID-19 spoiled so many things in this year 2020. May Almighty God spare our lives beyond next year.

  2. Thats good. We are tired of hearing Ronaldo, Messi. We need fresh young players. The two have outlived their prime. They should quit the stage now

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