People don’t really want God, they want distractions – Leke Adeboye

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Leke Adeboye, son of pastor E.A Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has opined that people do not really want God.

In a post he shared on Instagram, he said people are only interested in distractions.

He wrote:

“I posted bible passage at most would get 150 likes. I post heart shaped pothole, I get 7500 views. I post morning devotionals, I get 120 likes.

“People don’t really want God. They are just after distractions and what they can use to judge you. What is wrong with us.”


  1. You want people to like ur posts, do you also like other peoples posts. What you put in, you take out. People dont have to talk God, God all the time to show they like God. You are wrong to say people dont like God. The bible say dont jugde, so that you wont be jugded. Again Jesus said not all that call the name of God all the time enters the Kingdom of God but he who does the will of God. Anyway, i see you are still learning work, otherwise i would have been so hard on you that you may even forget your name

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