Teach young Girls to attract Millions not just Men – Tonto Dike

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Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike has appealed to mentors who have young girls under them to coach these girls on how to make money rather than just giving them relationship advice, adding that it is becoming sickening.

In a post she shared on Instagram, she advised that women should hard as having a successful man by their side will be an added advantage but some women believe that a man must be their success ticket.

She wrote:

“Please Teach young girls to make money, not every day relationship advice (It’s becoming sickening)

Chasing after a rich man is not an achievement..

Don’t get me wrong,Having a rich man by your side to support your OBVIOUS hard work is not a sin.

But there are some Extremely lazy girls/women who just feel that a man most be a success ticket..

Some women will have 1million and buy kayamata for 900k and then still cry economy bad..

Women who don’t believe in themselves to amount to nothing unless thru. A man or aphrodisiac

#Success seeks success just like we women are attracted to successful men so are men attracted to successful women..

Sisterly leave kayamata, Work, Pray and be a BOSS He too can be proud of..


#ps:- Dear young girls there are still women out there conquering the world on their Own..
There is Pride in been your Own success!!


  1. Of course, there are a lot of women that can even do better than men but due to bad adviser many of them go astray. I’m using medium to appeal to our ladies that they should know the children of whom they. Determination matter most, they should be dependee not dependants

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