We need more Women in powerful positions, Men have failed us – Yul Edochie

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Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has opined that more women are needed in high positions of power.

He said this in a tweet he shared via his twitter handle, adding that it is so because men have failed.

He wrote:

We need more women in high positions of power. A lot of the men have failed us.”


  1. You should remember that the charisma of women can’t withstand men and there is a lot of women that can’t withstand pressure. They should be in the government but not totally giving them all the power.

  2. In this present dispensation, women can not do things differently than men. The people of this country is not in gender but in the constitution. Our constitution is skewed with flaws as it was written to place some regions in disadvantaged position. A situation where resources are gathered at the center and later being shared is absolutely wrong. Regional zones supposed to grow at their pace and contribute to the center. Advocating for women to take over affairs without consideration to the performance of women in position of authority before now. For example. The former Head of Service Eyo-ita. How did she end. Is she not facing multi-billion naira fraud cases. What of Diezieni the former Petroleum minister, not mentioning the current Minister for Humanitarian and Disaster. Though we have a very few exceptional women that perform creditably well, but one notable thing about women is that they rarely perform with the mind of their own without influence from men. If she is married, she must accent the whim and caprice of the husband above any other man , even in performance of her duty. If she is not married, she surely must har a soft center for a man to lead her along. Its natural because they are created from the rib of man and must lean on man to survive

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