Isa Pantami suspends increase in licencing fee by NIPOST as it was done without his approval

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Minister of communication and digital economy, Isa Pantami has reacted to the recent increase in licensing fee by the Nigerian postal service, NIPOST.

Nigerians took to Twitter to complain about the recent increase in the licensing fees for courier companies. According to the new regulation, international courier services like DHL, UPS and FEDEX, are expected to pay N20m for a new licence and N8m annually, and those offering local services are expected to pay N10m for licence and N4m yearly for renewal.

In addition, logistics companies operating within regions are expected to pay N5m for licence and N2m annually, and firms operating within states would get a licence for N2m while renewal costs N800,000. Courier firms running within cities are to pay N1m for licence and N400,000 annually. Small and Medium Enterprises would be receiving a licence for N250,000 while the annual renewal of the licence is N100,000.

These increase will therefore lead to an increase in the cost of courier services and goods delivery.

Isa Pantami who supervises the activities of NIPOST in his response said he wasn’t aware of the increase as he never approved it. He therefore suspended the development.

His tweet:

Pls@NipostNgn, our attention has been drawn to an increase of licence fee, which was not part of the regulation I earlier APPROVED for you. Your Chair and PMG were YESTERDAY contacted to put the implementation on hold and send a report to our ministry by Monday. Best wishes!

@NipostNgn, d power of regulation of NIPOST lies with the Minister. Any change of fee must be specific & be approved by him before implementation. I know the economic challenges of NIPOST. However, looking at the economic hardship of our citizens, we need to suspend any move

The increase, is under investigation by my office, since yesterday. The Ministry and the Minister were not involved. Many thanks and best wishes! ” he tweeted


  1. Apc led government has been running an enterprise government, levying and taxing the citizen without mercy. The most painful thing about it is that these taxations never pass through any legislation before it is imposed on the people. The other day we hear that Landlords will now be paying Tenants Levy for their buildings. Whatever that one means, we are yet to be clarify, but what we are very sure is that if implemented, its the tenants that will bear the burden of this levy once the landlords are compelled to pay. Taxes, taxes and levies and increaments on consumer items, thats what this clueless government cares. They never give a damn about the impoverished citizens that pay these taxes. Yet everyday we hera cases of theft, fraud, grafts and looting running in billions by government officials and their thieving politicians. This wont happen in a country with strong educated leader at the helms of affairs

  2. May Almighty God have mercy on us, why all these increments here and there. If our governments need money they should reduce the cost of governance. Haaba

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