When Nigerians prosper, I will feel a lot better – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari says he will be happy when Nigerians prosper and the quality of their lives improve.

He said this during an interview with TheSignature50 magazine where he revealed his administration is working assiduously to ensure that the lives of Nigerians improve beyond ratings and indices.

“We have been rated as Africa’s largest economy by different verifiable indices. How does that make one feel as President of Nigeria? Of course, one feels good. But that is not enough,” the president said.

“I will feel a lot better when we go beyond just rating and statistics, and the majority of Nigerians begin to feel the impact of that rating.

“When Nigerians prosper, when the quality of their lives improves dramatically when our status as the largest economy reflects in their pockets, then I will feel a lot better.


  1. You should take drastic measures in order to improve the lives of the citizens not just by mere saying it. Saying without actions and steps is futile, more than 90% of Nigerians are wallowing in abject poverty, some of the governors have not implemented 30,000 minimum wage then what are you doing about that? Every price of commodities are rising everyday. You can’t do that only without asking those that are under you to do the needful.

  2. At the moment we aren’t feeling any better presido
    We are broke o and you guys are making things hard with policies!!

  3. Oga Nigeria will prosper when you take the issue of security as your number one priority. How do you expect Nigeria to prosper when insecurity is the order of the day. People are being slaughtered like fowl and you act unconcered. Every citizen of this country want you to sack your service chiefs because they are incompetent and have overserved the usefulness, yet, you refused. So dont tell us nonsense

  4. How can Nigeria prosper with insecurity. You refused to sack your incompetent service chief and people are being killed by terrorists and you are here telling us about your happiness and proeperity. Go to Southern Kaduna and tell this to thos that being displaced in their homes or even those that died thru your incompetency in dealing with security matters

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