Allocation from Abuja cannot take us anywhere – Oyo Deputy Governor, Olaniyan

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Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Rauf Olaniyan has revealed that the monthly allocation the state receives from the federal government is not enough to embark on developmental projects.

He said this while addressing journalists at his Jericho Ibadan residence Friday evening.
The Deputy Governor made it known that the internally generated revenue in the state was also not enough, even the monthly allocation the state receives from the federal government decreases on a daily basis. This has made the state government to borrow money in order to start up some developmental projects.

“Allocation coming from Abuja cannot take us to any meaningful developmental level. The IGR is not increasing, the federal monthly allocation is decreasing on daily basis, he said.

“When late Ajimobi was in power, there was Paris club, there was excess crude oil money, there were some overpayment which Oyo state government was refunded. But, there is nothing like those money now. They are not even enough talk more of excess. At that time, if was overflowing but, now it is not enough.

“That is the reason government has to borrow money to embark on some developmental projects.

“The man sitting on the table is the driver, he sees things that we don’t see. If you say that we don’t have to borrow, tell us the alternative. He is the one driving us, and he will drive us to the promised land.

“The people of Oyo state have elected us, they should give us the chance, we will not betray them. They should give us the support to deliver”.

“We should continue to leave in peace. Oyo State belongs to all of us. As journalists, if you see something that is good, tell us, if you see something that is bad, tell us,” he added.


  1. Why do you people like borrowing, how much is the internal generated revenue are you generating from the project that previous government have done with the borrowed money? If you borrow the next government will still borrow, look inward on what you can do with the money on ground and slash the expenses of the government to corroborate this season.

  2. If you people in government should stop looting the funds and use the available funds judiciously, I think it will go a long way in solving the problems at hand always

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