Sex Toy Shop scandal: Court dismisses suit against Senator Abbo

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An Abuja Magistrate court has dismissed the assault suit filed against senator Elisha Abbo by the Nigerian Police force.

Despite a viral video of the lawmaker assaulting a woman, Osimibibra Warmate and a televised press conference in which the lawmaker apologised to the victim, the magistrate court dismissed the case on ground that the police failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the crime.

The presiding judge, Abdullahi Ilelah upheld a no-case submission filed by Senator Abbo saying the police did not convince the court that the lawmaker did assault Osimibibra Warmate on the 11th of may, 2019.

In Warmate’s testimony against Abbo, she said she had gone to visit a friend, Kemi at Pleasure Chest Sex Toy Shop, Banex Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja on May 11, 2019, when the lawmaker walked in with three women.

She said suddenly, one of the women that accompanied Abbo started vomiting and later fainted. when she (Warmate) left the shop, she received a frantic call from the owner of the shop asking her to come to her aid as the lawmaker had accused her of fouling the shop’s air conditioning system that caused one of his female companions to vomit and was threatening to get her arrested.

The victim said when she returned to the shop and was cleaning up the vomit, two men, one of whom was a policeman in uniform, barged into the shop, assaulted them on the orders of Senator Elisha Abbo.


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