If an Igbo man becomes president he would be killed or overthrown – Bishop Udeh shares Spiritual revelation

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The General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries, Bishop Abraham Udeh has warned against a South Easterner emerging as president come 2023.
Speaking with journalists in Nnewi, Anambra State over the weekend, Udeh said an Igbo president will either be killed or overthrown by the military adding that he saw the situation in the spiritual realm.

He rather urged the Southeast politicians to channel their energy towards the actualisation of Biafra rather than Igbo presidency as they won’t be allowed to actualise the Igbo presidency dream.

He further warned that insurgency will be intensified if an Igbo man becomes president in order to discredit his leadership.
“An Igbo man might become president in 2023, but he would either be killed or overthrown by the military. I saw that situation in the spiritual realm and warned the Igbo personalities warming up for the 2023 presidential election to have a rethink and rather channel the energy and resources to Biafra actualization.

“It is a sealed deal that an Igbo man will never be allowed to rule Nigeria.

“According to how it was revealed to me, an Igbo man, after much pressure to rule, may be allowed to become president but shortly after, insecurity, including Boko Haram insurgency and banditry, will be intensified to discredit such president.”


  1. We are one Nigeria wether hausa, Yoruba or igbo, we should allow every ethnic to rule once is from this country.

  2. Igbos are the most confused people in the planet today. They dont know what they want and they dont know the powers God bestowed on them. The other day, i saw a fighter helicopter locally made by Biafran soldiers during the war and i wept for the Igbos. That copter as rugged as it looks is far better than the drones we see today and its more destructible. All it need is to be fitted with modern gagdets and computers and its good to go. If the Igbos realise their potentials and decides on what to do with their destinies, they will get their Biafra without delay. Their greatest undoing is that most are saying Biafra with one said of their mouth while the other is looking at Nigeria as a Haven they ought not to loose

  3. I have nothing against the revelation, but the problem is advising them to rather intensify on the actualisation of Biafra. I think that’s not a good advice from a man of God.

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