Only God and conscience will stop a Leader from stealing not EFCC or ICPC – Umahi

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Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi has expressed his opinion on the state of corruption in the country.

While addressing journalists at the governor’s lodge, government house Abakaliki, he said no anti corruption agency can stop Nigerian leaders from stealing from the pockets of the nation except God and their conscience.

According to him “People don’t fear God any more in this country. Is not about EFCC, ICPC and whatever thing. If we know that we are temporal on this earth and that when you sleep, you are at war with death.

“It’s only the good Lord that wakes up the winner, and then we have to begin to change our minds and begin to change our thoughts.

“There is no amount of EFCC, ICPC that will stop a leader from stealing. It is only God and conscience that will. When you get older as a leader, what do you want to see in a path that you have crossed before? What do you want to see?

“What do you want your children to be known for? How do you want people to respect your children? Respect them that you stole all the money or that you built all the mansions?
“We should know that all these wealth are nothing. It must pass from one hand to another. The leaders of this country want to steal, so that their generation will not see poverty but it’s not true.

“Little sickness can take over the whole lots of that stealing. I am pleading with Nigerian youths to have a rethink, let them do self reevaluation. A peanut can be given to them to destroy another person. How have they felt in the past two, three, four or five years? It doesn’t work.

“One thing I have told the people of Ebonyi is that I will not share the money that is meant for developing the state to stakeholders. I will not share it, no matter whatever anyone can think, do or say,” he stated.


  1. Stealing is endemic in Nigeria because of we have seen it as righteousness, we should amend our ways toward this corruption.

  2. You are right sir.
    The desire to be different and not join others in doing evil, depends on the decision of a man to hold on to the word of God and not allow others corrupt him.
    We have seen even religious leaders who are supposed to be custodians of the word of God join league with politicians to perpetrate evil.

  3. Yes just the truth you have said
    I have the same opinion
    The religious bodies are the ones to talk to their members to be of good character

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