It is wrong for Christians to Date before Marriage – Clergyman, Obie Jason

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Nigerian Clergyman, Obie Jason says it is wrong for Christians to date before marriage.

In a statement he made, he said the bible never made mention of dating when it talked about marriage, stating that once you see someone you feel you can go ahead with, just get married without any delay. Giving series of examples, he said dating was borrowed from the world and is destroying a lot of Christians, causing heartbreaks and the likes.

Read his statement below;

”Do you know it is wrong for Christians to date? Someone would get mad but just hold on a little. If you check the scriptures, the first time the bible talked about marriage, there was no dating involved. That was Genesis Chapter 2. The bible said God caused the man to sleep, the man he made Adam and then he took the rib out of his body and then he made the woman and then brought the woman to the man. There was no dating.

“You will say it was only one man and one woman. Now, the bible also showed us in the case of Isaac, the son of Abraham when he got married. There was no dating.

“If you read the bible, the new testament which was written for Christians, , you would find out that the only place the bible talked about getting married or preparing for marriage was in 1st Corithians 7:9. This scriptures says ”Get married”. If you meet someone and you feel that I can go ahead with this one, the bible said just get married. You don’t need to delay.

“The whole dating stuff is something that is borrowed from the world and it is destroying a lot of Christians. A lot of women and young ladies are having heartbreaks. Some of them are affected and impacted mentally because a young man will pick a lady and then carry her saying lets get to know ourselves and all, promise her marriage and after a while he will dump her and the lady will have heartbreak. We see a lot of things going wrong”

‘You can never see anywhere in the bible where it is stated that we should date and the scriptures never imply that. That is something borrowed from the world and it is not good. When you date, you get dirty. Dating is simply a game played by unbelievers” he said


  1. What do u mean by that so u just see a girl nd tell her that u want to marry her who does that is that how u married ur wife

  2. When we were talking about courtship/dating, doesn’t mean you must have sex before marrying one another but we should study one another i.e attitude, character, behavior etc. We need to know our families and relations well before become a couple.

  3. Dating is not the problem but the boys and girls have turned the dating to sex opportunity. It’s under must for those who wants to marry to do the findings about their relations because if we didn’t do that their might be problems in future. Therefore, dating is not the problem but people have abused it.

  4. This is a hard nut to crack. But we have also seen broken homes because the couple didn’t really know and understand each other.

  5. A girl must marry for love, and keep on marrying until she finds it, same we got date to know if their true love before proceed to marriage.

  6. No one should argue what the Holy Bible has said
    I have seen this and I have read and understood it….Yes and Amen is my response

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