“Nothing dey straight forward for this country”- Musician, Tha Suspect

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Nigerian Musician, Tha suspect is of the opinion that the current state of the nation is nothing to write home about.

Taking to his official Twitter page on Monday afternoon to express his displeasure, the former Capital Hills music producer wrote:

“Nothing dey straight forward for dis country. even Gala expiry date nor dey clear.”


  1. This is very funny but also very serious matter
    To find the expiry date on Gala is real trouble..o
    I don’t even know that some other person have noticed it too
    This country matter follow tire me

  2. Truth talk, we are just doing everything corner corner. We just want to acquire things in any way we can get it. May God have mercy on us.

  3. Truth talk because a lot of things are done in cunning ways. Even our leaders want to get to the top by fire by force which is uncalled for. God bless Nigeria.

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