Recovered Covid-19 Patient in Oyo state ignores Father, follows Soldier she met at isolation center

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There was mild drama at the Oyo State isolation centre on Saturday, August 8, when a recovered COVID-19 patient refused to go home with her father, choosing instead to go with a soldier she met at the isolation centre.

About 20 people were discharged from the Infectious Disease Centre in Olodo, Ibadan, Oyo State, after they were treated for COVID-19.

Relatives of those discharged were outside waiting for them but one particular woman had two people waiting to pick her up. Her father, a pastor, was one of those waiting to take her home and a soldier she met at the isolation centre who got discharged before her was also waiting for her on a motorcycle. The young lady ignored her father and went with the soldier.

According to TheCable, the pastor approached the soldier but after about five minutes of discussion, the lady was taken away on the motorcycle while her father left the centre in annoyance.

The father told TheCable that his daughter began exhibiting a wayward attitude after graduating from school.

“She is my second child but after her graduation from the school of statistics, she refused to come home. I only got to know that she had been isolated at the centre through a relative she confided in. I am a man of God and I will continue to pray for her,” he said.


  1. Father should asked from the soldier wether he truly loved her and if so, the father should support her marriage, that’s the work of God. Good luck.

  2. That’s what we called love, someone can meet love of his/her life anywhere but remember someone needs to do research on the person who wants to marry before made up your mind. As a father you should all what it takes that she the rightful person.

  3. The devil has taken hold of the mind of the youth in this generation, it will only take the power of God to save them.
    She probably might come back home after nine months.

  4. This is serious but funny. Even if she has fallen in love with the soldier, I don’t think it is responsible ignoring her own father just for the sake of her male soldier lover
    This is quite abnormal of her and a serious sign of warewardness

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