There shall be curses on the Family of those who steal Covid-19 Funds – Prophet Abiara

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Nigerian clergyman, Prophet Samuel Abiara has warned against stealing Covid-19 funds.

In a statement he released on Monday, August 10, to appreciate the Lagos state government for reopening worship centers, he said the curses of the pandemic will be upon the family of those who go against his warning.
“For those who are in charge of the donation of money, food items, etc, God said you must not steal anything from the money, food and all items donated for COVID-19 for yourself. If you do that, curses of the pandemic will be in the family of those who do this,” he said


  1. Some of the things that belongs are stealing by the few people. For those people that are doing this will surely not go unpunished. In this COVI-19 some have become helpless.

  2. There is no type of news you will not hear in this nation Nigeria
    How and why on earth should someone steal funds or materials or food or anything at all meant for Covid 19
    This is pure wickedness and stupidity if not even madness
    Must people steal
    Nigerians should learn how to do things right so that our country will grow for the better

  3. sir u don’t need to say it they is curse already they think they can do anything they want nd get away with it not only to they family even to them

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