We would have used Military to overrun 2019 Election but we respect Nigeria – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has shared that due to respect the ruling all progressives congress (APC) has for the country, they would have overrun the 2019 general elections using military power.
Buhari said this when governors from the Northeast met with him and the Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo at the State House, on Monday.
“It is true that we lost some states as a ruling party in a developing country, which is normal. I am proud of that because we are impartial, that is why as ruling party, we lost some states. That means we have our own mistakes,” he said.
“Some of those that defeated us are sitting here. We know we are a developing country but we respect our country, otherwise, with the use of Army, the police and the rest of them, we could have overrun you.
“We just wanted to show that we are humane and we are Nigerians. We will continue to do our best,”

He further explained that before the election, the APC went round the country and apologised to Nigerians for not doing better, “but we are doing our best. I think Nigerians believe us.” he said
Buhari expressed gratitude to God that Nigerians understood the APC government and voted it again in the last election


  1. Your best is not enough, even your own home is being overtook by bandits which is not ought to be. You should direct all your service chiefs to stand up to their responsibilities and tackle the insecurities, 2019 is gone and we need to move forward.

  2. Using military for elections is like intimidating the voters but we should forget about past and move forward. I urge the president should look forward to the solutions of problems that we are facing now. I wish our president best of luck.

  3. Using the military to overrun the 2019 general elections happened nah!!!
    Who said it did not happen, the police was also used.
    The ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS (APC) should stop deceiving themselves and the people by claiming that they are doing their best or that people of Nigeria voted them again
    Please let us leave politics and do the right things
    The people of Nigeria are suffering in all aspects of life, no good, no employment opportunities, no security at all what so ever
    This is the time for APC to act well and stop this method of propaganda politics

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