“Now I understand why People’s marriages end after 3 years” – Shade Ladipo

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Media Personality, Shade Ladipo has expressed that one has to be in marriage to understand what happens in it

Sharing a post on her Insta-story, she stated that now she knows why marriages last for not so long before breaking up

She wrote:

“Until you get married before you can comprehend somethings about marriage.

“Let’s just say now I understand why people’s marriages end after 3 years.”


  1. Of course, if you have not got married, you won’t know how it looks like. There are lots of baby mama because they can’t endure marriage plights.

  2. It is just natural that it is what you have been into you will know how it operates or how it works
    You cannot know what you don’t know and there is a saying that ‘experience is the best teacher’
    Eventhough you did not tell us what you have experienced that made you to say this, but I feel you must have experienced something in your own marriage relationship

  3. Marriage is about endurance, tolerance, once you can edure, you will surely have peace marriage. May God sees everyone of us through.

  4. Really if imay ask then why or , We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations instansty.

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