Politicians exploiting insecurity for political gains – Gov. Matawalle

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Governor of Zamfara state, Bello Matawalle has alleged that politicians exploit the country’s state of insecurity for their political gains.

Matawalle who stated this at the Special Army Super Camp 4 in Faskari town in Katsina state, said that those fuelling insecurity are not interested in the well-being of the people but in power and nothing more.

He further called on security agencies to deal decisively with anyone found politicising security no matter how highly placed and by so doing the security challenge can be addressed.

“We, the politicians, are to be blamed for the intractable security challenges bedeviling our communities. It is evident that some politicians exploit insecurity for political gains. These unscrupulous politicians would hardly commend the military for their successes at the battlefronts.

“However, they would be eager to rush to the media to report attacks by bandits or other miscreants.

“For this crop of politicians, politics is not about genuine commitment to the wellbeing of the people; it is all about power and nothing more.

“I, therefore, urge the security agencies to deal decisively with anyone found politicising security no matter how highly placed he is. It is by so doing that we can significantly address the current security challenge confronting not just the north-west, but the entire federation, ” he said


  1. The DSS should their intelligence properly and brings those involve out to face the law because many lives and properties have been lost from this insecurities of a thing.

  2. Security agencies should decisively deal with any politicians find culprit of these insecurities of a thing, why on Earth would anybody be toying with the Nigerians life this is so pathetic. If government can slash the salaries of all these politicians it will be an added advantage.

  3. It is always surprising to me to hear that a person or group of persons use security issues to play politics
    Why on earth should someone, use security issues to get political ego
    This is unfair nah
    How will that politician feel if he or she is the one that is killed or his or her children or relatives
    All these are ill wind that blows no one good
    Until our politicians learn to stop playing politics with very sensitive issues, that is the time our dear nation will positively move forward

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