The Military is well equipped, they do not complain about Equipments – Femi Adesina

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The Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has said the military are well equipped as security chiefs are not complaining or requesting for military equipments.

Speaking during a programme on Channels Television on Tuesday evening shortly after President Buhari’s meeting with Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Nigerian Governors Forum, and heads of security agencies at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, said that the country is at the level of seeking pragmatic solutions between the government and everybody, adding that those making allegations against the government concerning the killings in some parts of the country are not helping the situation.
“Yes talking of those allegations, I hear them, I see them. I see videos. [These allegations are coming from] people that you think should know [better]; people that you think are well educated; people that you think are large-minded enough but they are still operating from small prisms of ethnic consciousness and making wide allegations about security in the country. They are not helping the situation.

“But it’s a democracy. They can say whatever they want to say it doesn’t mean what they’re saying is founded or true but they should realise that when they make those wild allegations, those things are not good for the country.

“Those who are working on security are working and we must team up with them to find lasting solutions to these plaques.

“Today at the security meeting a lot was said about procurement and security agencies did not complain of equipment. Yes additional equipment are coming in from Jordan, China, United States but the complaint was not majorly about equipment.

“The military is well equipped. [Although] nothing spent on security is ever too much because every other thing revolves around security….”


  1. According to what femi adesina said, if securities are well equipped and well funded. Then what is the problems they are facing in tackling of those bokoharam and bandits. They should do their intelligence gathering and look for those that are sponsoring them.

  2. What a confuse statement, if government provided all the needed equipment then what else do they need. If all the security chiefs can not do the job anymore, they should resign their appointment and allow another leaders to take over from them. We don’t know who is saying the truth. God bless Nigeria.

  3. is a pity u re saying this when u say that the military is well equipped so I ask u sir in what way I believe u re seen the way insecurity is rising nd u re here talking about equipment with all do respect what do u know about been equipped

  4. The bottom line is that no one will like himself or herself to be killed and no one feels happy hearing or seeing people killed
    The government is supposed to secure us and this is one of the major duties of government
    The reverse is now the case in Nigeria context where everyday by day if not even every hour by hour people are massacred like fouls
    Is Adesina trying to tell us that he is not aware of the killings or is he trying to say that the people have no right to complain
    Adesina is just trying to play to the gallery and to make his pay master happy
    All the same whether the military is demanding for more equipment or not, that is not the bone of contention
    The most important thing that the citizens are asking of is security, we all want to see a clime that no ones life is terminated abruptly by holigans, bokoharam, criminals, armed robbers, ritual killers, bandits or what ever name the government wishes to call them

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