NBC fines Radio Station N5M for hate speech

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The Nigerian broadcasting commission, NBC has fined Nigeria Info 99.3FM N5 million over an interview with Obadiah Mailafia, former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Mailafia had alleged that a northern governor was heading the Boko Haram sect, he was invited by the DSS for questioning afterwards.

In a statement on Thursday, the commission accused the station of providing its platform for Obadiah to “promote unverifiable and inciting views that could encourage or incite to crime and lead to public disorder”.

It said the former CBN deputy governor’s claims were devoid of facts and in contravention of seven provisions of the recently amended broadcasting code.


  1. This sounds ridiculous and funny but a very serious issue. Gradually the government wants to kill people’s voice and kill the freedom of information
    This man said something very sensitive and what they should have done was to investigate so as to get more information from him instead of terming it ‘hate speech
    We should learn how to stop politicizing every single thing in this country
    Security issues are supposed to be taken very serious

  2. Nigeria is full of impunity, why can’t government enact law that will enforce law on corrupt politicians, if they allow that the corruption will reduce drastically but when it comes to poor citizens they will enforce law on them.

  3. What did formal deputy governor of formal CBN said on air that warrant this fine on the radio station. Nawa for my country

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