Shekau allegedly releases audio faulting the death sentence of Kano Singer over blasphemy

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Abubakar Shekau, Leader of the Boko Haram Sect has allegedly released an audio faulting the death sentence of Kano Singer over blasphemy.

22-year-old Yahaya Shariff Aminu who is a member of the Islamic Tijjaniya sect and Faidha group, had composed a song blaspheming Prophet Mohammed and circulated it via WhatsApp in March 2020.

Residents of the state got angry when they heard the song and started a protest. They burnt down the singer’s family home and led a procession to the Kano Hisbah Command’s headquarters demanding that he must be tried.

He was tried by the Sharia court, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging and asked to repeal the verdict within 30-days even though he pled guilty.

According to a report by Humangle, in the alleged audio by Shekau he stated that there was no difference between the blasphemer and the people who want to sentence him to death, adding that the lifestyle of most people in Kano state is also blasphemous to Prophet Muhammad.

He said;
“We heard about something sad happening in the state where people think they are Muslims, even though they are practicing disbelief. A singer opened his mouth and uttered unkind words against the Prophet (PBUH). It was said he was arrested and sentenced to death by hanging. According to some people, he can appeal the judgement. But what brought this if the sentence is godly?”
“He should just be killed. If you really sentenced him, we should only hear that you slaughtered him,” he said

“You are not in an Islamic State. You are in the land of infidels. The only exception among you is a weak person who holds ‘Tawhid’ (monotheism). He can’t be declared as an infidel, but he is a sinner because he didn’t migrate.

“Before he insulted the Prophet (PBUH), your lifestyle is an insult itself. Your lifestyle is also blasphemy against the Prophet. How can you say you love someone and you slap him?

“Just because you sit down and recite Quran after you have already done what made you unbelievers? And because you say there is no god but Allah, you think you are Muslims? We tell you, you and the one who insulted the Prophet are all the same.”


  1. Of course there is a lot of things that all those people that arraigns and judge him are doing underneath that are worse than what this man did. You too (bokoharam) should come out and pronounce your grievances. Pot calling kettle black.

  2. Don’t you (shekau) many people that you have killed without offend or doing anything? You too better amend your ways because your end won’t be a good thing for you. On the issue of blasphemy, he should have given second chance may be he might change, he should appeal the judgement wether their will be amendment to the judgement.

  3. The court should tamper justice with mercy
    This is my own plea and suggestion
    I have never seen any where capital punishment has been used to solve any problem

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