If I don’t fight everyday, it’s like something is wrong with me – Wike

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Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has revealed that he needs to fight everyday to fell comfortable.

While addressing stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital on Thursday, Wike made it known that nobody can threaten him as it’s his job to make peoples blood pressure go high.

He also added that he enjoys it when his name is being mentioned in Abuja for whatever reasons.

“I’m not one person anybody can threaten. Of course, all of you know that when you threaten me you even worsen the situation because I’ll not agree and I’m not afraid of fighting,” Wike said.

“Without a fight, it’s like something is wrong with me so I need it every day. Anytime I stay [a day] and no problem, nobody is calling my name, I feel something is wrong.

“So when they go to Abuja and they call my name I feel so happy. It shows that I’m worrying them and it’s my duty to make sure that those who don’t want to see me are worrying every day and their BP will go very high. That’s the job I do now to make people’s BP go very very high.”

“Let me use this [opportunity] to warn everybody, let nobody distract you; let nobody deceive you. Nobody should attend any meeting anybody calls because they want to run for governorship.

“We have never come to that point. I have just stayed one year in office. I’ve not even stayed up to two years. We’re walking for our party to be united to make sure that the APC does not have a little space in our state.

“Those of them who think they’re too fast because they promised them a ticket in the party, don’t worry sooner or later you’ll see them run back because where they’re going, there’s no road.”


  1. So, someone can’t make/take you as mentor. If anything happens to you or anybody offends you, what you need to do is to trend softly. where you are today someone have been there yesterday. Whatever you do today will surely become history tomorrow.

  2. Governor nyesom wike should trend softly because you can’t be fighting everybody, if you do then who will remain with you. Everything needs to be taken gently.

  3. Wike is one of the governors in the country, that gives the federal government a run for their live. Verbally, he can talk and physically he can fight too.
    In a country, it is very very important to have such a person who behaves like a radical instead of having all as ‘yes members’ people who believe that everything goes out of fear
    So Wike give them high blood pressure and fight them well well if that will make them behave well

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