Lady who deliberately infected men with HIV begs for forgiveness (video)

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A Kenyan lady, Harriet Vihenda Akunava took to social media to beg for forgiveness as she revealed that she is HIV positive.

While many thought she was joking, the lady released a video in which she showed off a test strip result to corroborate her claim. Akunava who disclosed that she has been deliberately infecting men with the virus, wrote; 

“It’s time I come clean. I was bitter for many months but I can’t do this anymore. I am HIV positive and I have been infecting men. I am sorry, forgive me. Get tested if I have hanyad you.”

Lady who deliberately infected men with HIV begs for forgiveness (video)


  1. That is why they tell people that AIDS NO DE SHOW FOR SAFE
    Abstinence is the best option and if you feel you must play, play very safe
    Thank God the lady has come out clean to alert the whole world that she is HIV positive so all that have had sexual associations with her should get tested as simple as that

  2. Eheeeeee,! What do we call this? Intentionally committing this level of atrocity and you are now begging for forgiveness, I don’t think God gangan will forgive you for doing this? Now it’s time to learn your lesson men because all those ladies that you will think they are cheap elements you don’t know what it’s in their underneath.

  3. I’m short of words, we men should be careful nowadays because a lady that we will think she is cheap hmmmm, there is a lot of diseases that is ravaging now. We should be very much careful. Do you think those people that you intentionally infected will forgive you? Well forgiveness is divine.

  4. She should look for those infected and tender her apology to them wether they are going to forgive her or not.

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