Son of ex-Angolan president, Filemino Dos Santos bags jail term for fraud

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Son of ex-Angolan president, Jose Filomeno dos Santos has bagged a 5 year jail term from a supreme court in Angola for $500m fraud.

The 42-year-old was accused of trying to embezzle up to $1.5bn from the sovereign wealth fund, which he oversaw from 2013 to 2018. He was later charged with stealing $500m from the fund and transferring it to a bank account in Switzerland.

On Friday August 14, judge Joao da Cruz Pitra jailed Jose Filomeno dos Santos, also known as Zenu, for five years.

“For the crime of fraud … and for the crime of peddling influence … the legal cumulus condemns him to a single sentence of five years in prison,” judge Joao da Cruz Pitra said


  1. Human being can not be satisfied, why are we not contented with what we have. After you have had everything. Nigeria too should emulate those countries that took fighting against corruption seriously in order to reduce how some leaders embezzling our money.

  2. This is always the case with African leaders and government officials. They see the public fund they are meant to work with a small their own private fund. They mismanage it and steal away the money
    Because he is the son of a president and he was opportune to get this post, he now stole away the money under his care
    This is so unfair
    He will now be punished for that act of criminality
    Let him go and cool off in the prison

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