Southern Kaduna Killings: El-Rufai blames Clerics for banditry

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Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-rufai has blamed some clerics for fanning the embers of division in the state, which has led to the killings in Southern Kaduna.

He made this known when receiving a delegation led by Primate of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba.

El-rufai expressed that some religious leaders had in the past 40 years been the drivers of violence and religious intolerance in the state.

Speaking at the meeting, Rev. Ndukuba called on both Christians and Muslims to work to make the nation better.


  1. Nawa for my country, politicians are blaming clerics, clerics are blaming those in power. Then who do you want us (citizens) to blame. The chief security of the state should call on the concern people and finding lasting solution to it.

  2. You should look inward and finding lasting solution to it. If you need external force inform the president and make the request of what you need. This killing is too much for Nigerians to bear.

  3. are u not the chief security of the state y re u blaming someone else u re to be blamed in anything that happen in ur state

  4. You Should Look for the final Solution To It. If You Need External Force Inform The President And Make The Request Of What You Need. To avoid to much blood shed.

  5. The killings in Southern Kaduna is painful to every right thinking person
    I don’t think there is any excuse El Rufai will give to exonerate himself from what is happening in Kaduna
    If he says it is religious bodies are fanning the killings, why not find out the actual persons and arrest them and prosecute them without delay
    It is people that are being massacred on daily bases not fowls
    We have to take security issues very serious in this country..o

    1. When leaders become clueless, they begin to find who to blame. “some religious leaders had in the past 40 years been the drivers of violence and religious intolerance in the state”. So, who are they? What are we waiting for? Just name and prosecute them.

      God will never forgive any leader under whose watch, His creation are being murdered like we have it in Southern Kaduna. May the earth open up as swallow those behind the mayem and all that are connected to them. Amen

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