Nigerian Traders must pay $1M fee imposed on them – Ghana insists

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The Ghanaian Ministry of trade has insisted that Nigerian traders in Ghana will pay every tax and fees imposed on them including a $1M registration fee.

Speaking on Starr FM on Sunday, the Head of Communications, Ministry of Trade, Prince Boakye Boateng said the law being enforced by the Ministry gave the Ghana Union of Traders Association the right to be the sole traders in the local market adding that claims of unfair treatment on Nigerian traders were not true.

One of the Nigerian traders had recorded a video of the incident while his shop was being locked up by the Ghanaian security officials.

Despite displaying his business registration certificate and other documents, the enforcement team shut his shop.

Boateng said Nigerian traders failed to honour an ultimatum to meet the requirements.

“It cannot be that we’ve been insensitive; if that is what they’re saying, I’ll be disappointed because, I’ll rather say they have rather been unfair to us as a regulatory body because we have given them more than enough time to the extent that even the Ghanaians thought that the ministry was not ready to enforce the law,” he said


  1. Every country is dealing with Nigeria so hard
    A country as rich as Nigeria has subjected its citizens to humiliation world wide because of the mismanagement of the resources by our leaders
    See common Ghana now is also treating Nigerians in their country bad
    Our government should try to investigate to know the actual truth of this matter please

  2. Both parties should look into conveniency of one another because $1m is huge amount of money. I’m now using this medium to provide enabling environment for SSMEs to thrive and finding lasting solution to these insecurities of a thing.

  3. Nigerians are suffering because of bad leaders if not fellow Africas won’t be treating us like this closing ones shops and imposing fines on them. I will appeal to the Ghanians authority to sort things out amicably. Our should look to those evade taxes in Nigeria and do something reasonable.

  4. Why are They Doing This To Nigeria’s Anywhere insisted nigerain should go to own God blessed land and make it fruitful by invest in them.

  5. This is serious.
    Nigeria was part of the country that made what Ghana is today.
    I don’t blame Sha
    I blame our politicians that doesn’t think about the nation,it’s all about themselves

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