S/K Killings: Mention leaders requesting brown envelope or keep quiet – Apostle Suleman tells Gov El-Rufai

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Apostle Johnson Suleman, Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries has reacted to claims by Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai that some leaders of troubled Southern Kaduna want to collect ”brown envelope” from his government for peace to reign in the area.

Over the weekend, Governor El-Rufai appeared on Channels Television where he alleged that Southern Kaduna leaders want money for the killings in the region to stop.

Reacting to his comment, Apostle Suleman dared the governor to mention the names of the leaders or keep quiet and fix the mess. Reacting via his Twitter handle, Apostle Suleiman wrote

“Just heard the Kaduna governor say some elites in Kaduna want ‘brown envelopes’, that’s why they are fanning the embers of war. If you are sure of your claims, mention their names so we drag them on this street. If not, keep quiet and fix the mess. Enough of the bloodshed.”

Southern Kaduna: Mention leaders requesting brown envelope or keep quiet ? Apostle Suleman tells Governor El-Rufai


  1. Can you hear that now. When former deputy governor of CBN (mailafia) said and I quote that one governor from northern part of Nigeria is the one sponsor those bandits or terrorists the DSS quickly invite him for more questioning. They should also invite governor el rufai to name those people requested for brown envelope before this bloodshed can stop.

  2. If chief securities of the state can be saying that some people is requesting for brown envelope before terrorists and bandits can stop killing it’s very funny. If he knows that he can’t do the job, he should quit and chance to other person. Enough is enough, this killing is too much.

  3. I wonder why someone that is sane enough will be playing politics with people’s life.
    The stories we have been hearing and reading on news prints concerning this massacre of innocent lives in Southern Kaduna is getting out of hand. The pictures are always gurry and dreadful
    The blood shed is alarming and should not be allowed to continue
    Why kill people like this and the governor who is the chief security officer of the state seems not to be doing much to stop it instead he is talking what people do not understand
    Enough of all these killings please

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