Stop stifling creative sector, reopen Cinemas now – Falz tells FG

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Popular Nigerian rapper, Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz has called out the Federal Government to see to the reopening of Cinemas across the country.

In a tweet he shared via his twitter handle, he stated that restaurants, airlines and places of worship are all operating.

Making reference to political campaigns held in some states, Falz urged the government to allow the entertainment sector get back to business.

He wrote:

“Right now, we don’t see anything but a government that contributes little or nothing to its creative sector and continues to attempt to stifle the sector in every way @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo.

“Restaurants have reopened, airlines have been operating, places of worship have also been permitted to reopen. Let’s not even start to talk about all the videos that have surfaced of political rallies happening, clearly neglecting all safety precautions.

“The entertainment industry must be allowed to gradually get back in business!!

“Let’s start with cinemas reopening with all safety precautions in place!”


  1. It’s frankly speaking because there are lots of people survive/depend on this to survive with their daily bread. They should look for a way out to do this.

  2. Government should look for a way to provide succur for this people to make things easier for them. Once some sectors have been opening, government should look inward to open all the remaining sectors.

  3. Yessooo Falz is making a nice call
    If all these places are opening and the politicians are having a field day carrying out their rallies without obeying the so-called rules stipulated for the curbing of covid 19, the cinemas should be also allowed to start operating
    The government should look into this asap

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