You will find peace when you realise nobody owes you anything – Actress, Damilola Adegbite

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Nigerian actress, Damilola Adegbite has shared the ingredient to finding peace.

In a post she shared on Instagram, she made it known that when you come to terms that nobody owes you anything, then will you find a new level of peace. She further stated that we need to learn to live our lives not expecting much from anybody.

She wrote:

“You will find a new level of peace when you come to terms with the fact that nobody owes you anything. We all want different things in life and very rarely, do we completely put other people’s needs before ours. We must learn to live our lives not expecting much from anybody, no matter how much we have given. It sounds impossible, I know. We are human and betrayal in whatever form hurts. But I’m continuing to learn that you heal and move on faster, and strangely, discover your hidden strengths, when you accept that we are human. We must understand that there is no perfect person anywhere. Sometimes we put pressure on one another expecting so much from our bosses, partners, friends, children… Acknowledge and respect that we are ALL flawed. Prepare for the worst but strive for the best in all relationships. Then and only then can we enjoy inner tranquility.”


  1. When you put your destiny on someone’s hand, the person may disappoint you and you would have grudges with the encounter. But you depend on Almighty God you will have rest of mind because he is alpha and Omega. Truth talk.

  2. Nothing but fact, many of us expecting more from one another but when the person disappoint us, we will feel bad. Always we be expecting less from one another, the person may promise heaven and Earth but when getting to certain stage, he/she may disappoint. Therefore we should expect less from ourselves.

  3. This is your own view to life so to say but you are really making sense..o
    When someone finds peace by himself, it will be better than when you want to find peace from another since that person might not be able to meet up with your demands

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