Covid-19: If you have refuse to open church, you were never a believer – Oyakhilome tells pastors

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General overseer of Believers Love World, also known as Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has called out pastors that have refused to reopen their churches due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing his members yesterday, he said those pastors have become unbelievers and have lost their faith as they have refused to open their church for fear of being infected.

“If you refuse to open church for fear of being infected, you were never a believer, he said.

“This is a great concern because there were churches that were thought to be churches until recently. We find a lot of ministers who were thought to be advocates of the gospel advocating for shutting down the churches because they cannot guarantee safety.

“It is pressure like this that reveals what is a church and what is not. Do they really believe in God, the same God of the patriarchs in the Bible?”

“When you get to that point where you are afraid of opening churches for fear of being infected, you have denied the faith. You never believed,” he added.


  1. Truly I don’t agree with him. Opening the church when this dreaded virus is still causing havoc does not mean you are a believer or that you know God more than others
    No one uses this type of condition to dare God
    That someone obeys these rules that are stipulated so as to stop the spread of this covid 19 does not necessarily mean that he or she does not know God

  2. You right.
    But most pastors follow instructions from there General Overseas or there bishop so it may not be there fault.

  3. I support that cause no believer would because of corona,close up there church then why you always praying when you don’t believe God can stop this corona.

  4. Those pastors who did not open their churches are afraid of contracting COVI-19, and they say prevention is better than cure, so it’s not their fault.

  5. According to WHO the virus is dangerous for those that is having one or two diseases and if the COVI-19 is affecting them it may be several one. If and only if one of the members contract this disease the government will be blaming them.

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