Covid-19: Ikpeazu reduces Salaries of Political appointees

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Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu has confirmed the slashing of salaries of political appointees in the state.

According to him, the decision was due to the level of the country’s present economic status caused by the pandemic.

In a statement by the Secretary to Abia State Government, Barr Chris Ezem, he made it known that;
“Going forward, all Political Appointees shall be entitled to their basic monthly salary excluding other allowances.

“All relevant government establishments are to note and implement accordingly, he added.


  1. It is a welcome development and it’s a good thing in the right direction, at least you will money to execute tangible project.

  2. I hope the remaining governor/government would try to emulate you on this because it is a good development. Instead of owing/slashing civil servant salary. This should be extended to our executives too.

  3. It is nice he is seeing it as very important to slash these people’s salaries
    Having thanked him for this, I don’t think this measure is still the solution to Abia state problems
    The monies allocated to Abia, for projects, how judiciously are they used. The officials of government still can not give adequate account of it. They still loot the funds leaving most of the government activities and projects unattended to
    So slashing their pay is just a scratch on the issue and also what most of us see as window dressing

  4. It Is A Welcome Development And It’s A Good Thing In The Right Direction, At Least You Will Money To Execute Tangible Project.

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