NBA conference: Lawyers ask El-rufai to step aside as speaker, says he has abused the right of Nigerians

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Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai has been asked to step aside as guest speaker at the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) annual general conference by some lawyers.

In a petition to the chairman of the technical committee on the NBA conference planning, Koyinsola Ajayi the lawyers under the aegis of Open Bar Initiative described the invitation as a “reward for misrule.”

In the petition, Silas Onu, convener of the group, said the governor “represents the very antithesis of what we profess to defend.”

The group also said that El-rufai governs a state that has been described as “the most dangerous state in Nigeria in 2020.”

The went further to express that El-rufai has on several occasions abused the rights of Nigerians.


  1. Governor mallam el-rufai should stand up to his responsibilities by providing securities for the lives and properties of hi state because the killings of people in southern kaduna is awful. As chief security of the state, he should look inward.

  2. As the group calls for stepping down of him, may be that will hear him up to take up his duties because why are we going to have the governor in a state and he won’t be able to protect his people in the state, it’s very bad. Kudos to the organizers for taking bold step.

  3. If telling him (Governor El-Rufai) to step down will make him to take actions and protect the people under his care abeg the lawyers should increase the volume for him so that he will do something

  4. I support the lawyers that asked him to step aside. This governor El Rufai deserves more than that sef
    No one will see the massacre going on in Kaduna and still believe that someone is the governor of that state. What type of governance is that when he can not secure the people he claims he is ruling. The people they are killing, are they not human beings
    El Rufai should try to behave as a human being with conscience which I feel he is supposed to be or resign immediately for someone who cares about people’s lives to take over

  5. He has done more than that to us.
    His cup would soon be filled up.
    Other politicians should repent from there old way.
    God is now fighting for his people of Nigeria.

  6. As The Group Calls For Stepping Down Of Him, May Be That Will Hear Him Up To Take Up His Duties Because Why Are We Going To Have The Governor In A State And He Won’t Be Able To Protect His People In The State, It’s Very Bad. Kudos To The Organizers For Taking Bold Step.

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