State of Insecurity in the country has never been this worse – Buhari’s ex-minister, Audu Ogbeh

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The former Minister of Agriculture under the President Muhammadu Buhari government, Audu Ogbeh has expressed that insecurity in the country has never been this worse apart from during the civil war.

He said this on Wednesday at the maiden meeting of the newly elected National Working Committee (NWC) of ACF as he was inaugurated chairman.

The newly inaugurated Chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), further stated that the northern part of Nigeria is facing the problems of killings day and night which are greater than ever and has never been seen before except during the civil war.

“We have not faced this challenge before: Killings day and night. At no time has life been so tough except during the civil war.”

“Our responsibility now is greater than before. We have not faced this challenge before: Killings day and night. At no time has life been so tough except during the civil war.”

“if we do not save the north now, we will lose the North.

“Because of the existing tensions and crises leading to a general sense of insecurity, destruction of property and killings in the north, religious, ethnic, traditional and political leaders in the north should be cautious in their utterances and should refrain from making wild and inflammatory utterances that will aggravate the situation.”

“Federal and state governments must take urgent steps to arrest the deteriorating security situation in northern Nigeria which has led to insurgency, terrorism, banditry, ethnic and religious disturbances all over the north.


  1. It is not only you that have noticed this. The high level of insecurity in the country is not only alarming but over alarming
    It is as if we are in Afghanistan or in a banana republic where everyone behaves as he or she likes
    The government seems not to have any solution again
    Lawlessness has taken over and the masses now live in fear
    God save us all..o

  2. You are very correct Sir. The killings are too much in this regime, they should please save the Northerners they are human being too. They should use the speed they used to fight against Covid-19 to fight against these boko haram people

  3. The state of insecurities in Nigeria is beyond explanation at this moment, I’m seizing this opportunity to implore our president to do something about this service chiefs if they have run out of ideas.

  4. Nothing but truth, if you people can continue telling the government the truth wether they profer immediately solution to it, even the senators have also advise the president to change the service chiefs but he didn’t listen. The issue of this insecurities of a thing is about getting out of hand.

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