A deliberately naked woman is not a beautiful woman – Actor, Ugezu Ugezu

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Nigerian Actor and film maker, Ugezu Ugezu has expressed his thoughts about a woman’s beauty and how it relates to her mode of dressing.

In a post he shared on Instagram, he stated that a deliberately naked woman is not a beautiful woman, adding that she becomes classless and stupid as virtue is life.

See his post below:

”Once it registers in my head, I speak it with my mouth, and that is why I am that deadly masquerade that decorates himself.”

A deliberately naked woman is not a beautiful woman - Actor, Ugezu Ugezu 4


  1. True talk because some of our women do not value their bodies because what they are going to eat, I implore those who are doing something like this to desist from it.

  2. It is good you are telling them. Continue to them if they will listen
    If celebrities like you can come out Clear and talk against the ills of the society, I feel the people might change
    How can a lady deliberately dress absurd and half naked thinking that it is the act that will make her fine
    There is no virtue in this as the actor has advised

  3. A woman who does not value, respect, and keep her is highly irresponsible woman because it is ought to be meant for your husband only you will now expose it to everyone which is bad. Those who are doing this should change their ways in order to be respectful in the society.

  4. Girls uploading nudes brings her diginity down.
    It’s cool as a celebrity like you tell them at least some can listen.

  5. Girls can do anything for money forgetting the future.
    Most of them are destined to be leader but they don’t care.
    They need the money sharp sharp so they can follow trend.

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