Covid-19: FG soon to begin testing trial drugs in 13 states

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The Nigerian Government says it will soon begin its investigate Covid-19 drug trial at 22 sites in 13 States in the country.

This was confirmed by PTF’s National Coordinator, Sani Aliyu, during a media briefing on Thursday.

Though he did not reveal the states, he however noted that all necessary regulatory approvals had already been secured for the trials.

“As you are aware Nigeria, has registered for the WHO solidarity trials which are a multi-country trial where the standard of care in the country is compared against some investigational drugs such as Remdesivir, Interferon-Beta and monoclonal antibody. This is in a bid to get the best drugs to cure COVID 19.

“So far 22 sites from 13 states have been registered for the trial and the necessary regulatory approvals from NAFDAC, and the National Health Research Ethics Committee has been secured. The trial will soon commence,” he said.


  1. That’s a good development, how I wish this work out in our state, we will really appreciate this if we could not relent on foreign solution.

  2. Good of them, Nigeria should be leading in this kind of orthodox at least we have people who can handle this, that is good development and good news.

  3. Nice story to hear. I pray that these trial treatment drugs will come out successful so that people will come out from this fear that this dreaded viral infection covid 19 has thrown us into
    God save us all

  4. They should not do the one that would kill us ooh
    Perhaps people are not dying of corona,it’s hunger that’s killing people.

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