Ethnic Bigotry is how Nigeria’s problem started – Alibaba

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Popular Nigerian Comedian, Alibaba has blamed the current state of the country on Ethnic bigotry.

He shared a post on Instagram which read;

“A typical Nigerian prefers a bad leader from his tribe than a good leader from other tribe. This is how our problems started”.

..and captioned the short message thus:

Someone share this… hmmmm. Very deep. Begs the question, ‘Would you rather a man from your ethnic group flies your plane and crashes or anyone from any tribe that can fly and land?”


  1. It is quite very clear and glaring that this is just the real problem of Nigeria
    It is not hidden at all. People prefer a very bad, useless leader as far as he or she is from their tribe
    That is why even when a leader loots away public fund and the leader is arrested, you see people from his or her tribe supporting him or her against the authority. They tend not to border about what he has done, all they know is that he is their kings man
    What a pity
    With this we are heading no way

  2. It’s unfortunate that many crises we are facing in this country emanating from ethnicity. we do not have the love for one another, if we could see ourselves as one in this country. Infact Nigeria will be great.

  3. What I see in this country is that ethnicity can not take us to anywhere, igbo, Yoruba and hausa let us unite together and fight insincererity in Nigeria, if we could do so Nigeria will be great beyond our imagination. We shouldn’t fight one another, we should also tolerate ourselves.

  4. Hmmm form our ruler with their bribe and corruptions toward the citizen .that make other killing theirself for share of bride.

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