I wish young people will take our election as serious as they take BBN – Actress, Lala Akindoju

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Nigerian actress and producer, Kemi Lala Akindoju says she wishes Nigerian youths will give more seriousness to elections the way they do to Big brother Naija.

In a tweet she shared via her twitter handle, the actress said young people need to do more to fight for the country.

Her tweet:

“I still wish we will take our elections and holding our leaders accountable as seriously and passionately as we take big brother. I wish young people will give the same energy to register to vote when it is time. We have to do more to fight for our country.


  1. Even most of you (celebrities) do not use to partake in the election you are talking about, you too are one of them. Let’s join hands together and make Nigeria great.

  2. Everyone should be involved in this struggle including celebrities because this fight can’t be alone. Those old men and women do not want to leave the stage but if all of us (youths) can rally round ourselves, I hope things will change better.

  3. The youth of this nation may have the zeal to get into politics but no support any.
    So they have nothing to do but to enjoy and watch the show.

  4. Yes we are on yours side…Decisions are the hardest move to make. Especially when its a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.

  5. Elections in Nigeria and big brother are never the same at all.
    Big brother is entertaining why Nigeria election is selection and a do or die affair
    No youth will like to die for an election you already know that your vote/votes don’t count
    While watching big brother, at least you enjoy yourself and no one harms you, but Nigeria election, you go to perform your civil right and you are injured or even killed for something they have already written and selected the winners

  6. Well said, but the politics of Nigeria is a do or die affair. Nobody will want to risk their lives going out to vote and getting killed in the process.

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