Everyone should bring their child forward for a DNA test – Lizzy Anjorin calls out supposed baby mama’s of her husband

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Nigerian Actress, Lizzy Anjorin has called out the women who claim they have kids for her husband to come forward for a DNA test.

Shortly after their wedding, some women came out with claims that her husband is married to them as well and that they have several kids for him.

In an interview with Punch, Lizzy asked them all to come out for a DNA test to back their claims.

”There is no pressure on my husband. Truthfully, the worst thing that anyone can do to a person has been done to me. Some people can’t survive what I have gone through. If my husband was a new person to me, there is a high tendency that he would have been tired. Thank God I married my best friend, she said

“Those ladies that have claimed that my husband is theirs have not reached out to us and none of them has brought the children to us. I have challenged them openly as well. All these people saying these things are only taking advantage of my husband because he is a nice man. Everyone should bring their child forward for a DNA test. We both had children before we got married but he was never married to anyone. My husband is not a small boy, moreover, my first daughter is older than his.

”In the past, some people have said my mouth is too sharp, but shame on them. I’m a very playful person and a woman that every man would want to have. I’m very open with my husband and I love people. People judge from afar but at times, it is good to get close to people before you do that. Some ‘quiet ladies’ have dealt with their husband mercilessly but people like us can’t hurt anyone, she added


  1. That’s the truth of it, if her husband is having a baby with anybody they should come out for DNA test if not they should keep quiet till eternity.

  2. We should not judge a book by its cover once you are looking at the person afar or someone condemned a person to us, we should try to move closer to the person in order to know that person’s attitude. In response to what you said about baby mama, they come out now or never.

  3. This matter is hard to judge..o
    Ladies disturbing the peace of this two married couple should come out open as she has demanded nah and bring evidence through DNA as simple as that

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