Buhari’s critics are corrupt and unpatriotic – Governor Badaru

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Governor Muhammadu Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa state has described President Buhari’s critics as corrupt minded and unpatriotic people. 

Speaking during a meeting with members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Social Media Group Northwest zone in Dutse, the Governor stated the security situation in the country has significantly improved compared to the past when Boko Haram members attacked people in places of worship, markets motor parks and other public places.

Badaru who further averred that the projects executed across the country by the Buhari led administration has met the aspirations of Nigerians, and challenged Nigerians to embark on an empirical analysis of the performance of the present administration in the past five years compared to the last administration before it.


  1. Is there any politicians in Nigeria that is not corrupt? Even including you that is talking. Coming back to the security issue every lives in Nigeria matter most, one life must not lost as chief security of the state he must ensure that every lives secure. The hunger is much in the state.

  2. Corruption is what is killing our country, if we can defeat corruption thins will change to good. When we are talking about infrastructural development if we all being killed who will make use of the infrastructure. Government should tighting our securities.

  3. Otherwise tbeir are right..base on the fat that develop the attitude that there are more reasons why you should succeed than reasons why you should fail.

  4. This is pure political talk. I don’t think this governor really meant what he said. A country where almost everyone is crying due to hardship and high costs of every thing, insecurity in the rise, massacre every day on daily bases,
    I don’t see any thing better in this administration at all instead I see it getting worse than the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan

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