NDLEA considers mandatory drug test for ladies a marriage prerequisite

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The National drug law enforcement agency, NDLEA says it is considering a new policy that will make it mandatory for single ladies to get a drug test before they get married.

Mohammed Mustapha Abdalla, chairman of the agency made this known during the destruction of illicit substances seized in Maiduguri, Borno state capital, on Friday, August 21.

Abdalla stated that the agency is considering partnering with religious leaders to combat the increased number of drug abuse cases in the country.

He said that recent statistics show that drug trafficking and abuse which was hitherto rampant among the male population, is increasing exponentially within teenage girls, young women, and old married women

“As an extension of the proposed Drugs Integrity Test Policy in the public service, the NDLEA is also considering partnering with religious leaders to make drug test a prerequisite for marriage in Churches and Mosques just as the case of HIV/AIDS and genotype test.

“We can no longer remain indifferent to the problems and refused to take responsibility in an effort to control drugs, we must come to term that drugs issue is a shared responsibility for all in the society.

Government at all levels, community and religious leaders, parents, social workers, the media, youth organisations and policy makers should see it as a point of duty to come together and identify with our office efforts of combating drug abuse.” he said


  1. Drug abuse is a no go area now. I have been wondering if there is still an agency that controls this abuse of drugs
    Almost every nook and cranny, even openly one can easily see people abusing drug
    Both old and young are guilty of this and they do it brazingly at the full glare of everyone without anyone checking the excesses of the abusers
    Now talking about checking this in the females as a prerequisite before marriage is just like say it for saying sake because I know that no one will enforce it

  2. Hope this is not a misplaced of priority because the person who wants to marry a lady would have done thorough investigation on the lady he wants to marry before they got married. Governance should face the government squarely.

  3. The money that government will be spending on this issue should be chànnel to empower youth instead of letting group of people siphon the money.

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