SARS officers allegedly assault man and extort money from him

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SARS officers attached to the command headquarters in Asaba , Delta State, have been accused of assaulting and extorting money from a 26-year-old man named Samuel.

The alleged attack took place on Saturday, August 22, and was brought to social media by activist Harrison Gwamnishu.

He shared that the victim was on a motorcycle with his girlfriend when he was assaulted by the officers because he was wearing dreadlocks.

“The SARS officers dragged him from the Okada and forced him and his girlfriend into their car.

“The victims demanded to know where they were being taken to but the officers responded by macheting Samuel’s leg. They seized his ATM card and forced him to disclose his pin and withdrew N15,400 from his account.

“I’m calling on the Delta State government to please intervene by putting an end to the constant harassment Nigerians face from SARS.” Harrison had reported


  1. So sad, some of what this our policemen/sars are doing is misplaced of priority. How would you just take someone because of his appearance and mishandling him without any questioning. What I could deduce from this is that the IGP has not brought anyone to book from this sars that is the reason they continue harassing people. IGP should do something.

  2. This is awful, all these our policemen are just behaving like mini god once they are in uniform. Collecting ATM card and withdraw money from his account, this is unlawful, IGP should call for their arrest and prosecute them, so as to serve as deterrent to other uniform men which they believe that they can do and undo.

  3. This is the type of rubbish we will be seeing and hearing in our dear country Nigeria
    SARS that means SPECIAL ANTI ROBBERY SQUAD, an arm of the police force that is meant to tackle armed robbers are now the robbers themselves
    Is this not shameful?
    When a dog starts to eat the bone hung on its neck, that means that wahala has burst
    After telling us that “POLICE IS OUR FRIEND” this is what we see
    What type of friendship is this
    This is pure wickedness
    The police hierarchy should re orientate its officers and teach them how to carry on their duties professionally
    Enough of all these mess
    These SARS officials should be arrested immediately and prosecuted if possible shown their way out from the police force

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