Women and Animals get all the sympathy in the world – Uk based Nigerian lecturer

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UK-based Nigerian lecturer, Dipo Awojide has expressed his opinion about the male gender not getting sympathy when they need it as he stated that no one believes a man is hurting until he takes his own life.

In a tweet he shared via his twitter handle, he made it known that women get all the sympathy in the world followed by animals.

No one believes a man is hurting until they take their own life. Women get all the sympathy in the world. Followed by animals“, he tweeted


  1. I don’t know why it is like that and it has been like that since onset
    Men are seen to be hard core while women are seen to be weak
    No one gives a soft spot for the men but almost everyone Mercies the women

  2. That’s truth, women deserves to be treated like a queen but not at detrimental to others, and also animals should not be seen as superior to mankind and we not also maltreat them

  3. We are all equal in front of God both men and women but women deserve respect. In the UK women have upper hands above men which is not suppose to be but that’s how they want it in their own land. Nigeria should also emulate them a bit by preventing our women from being raped and domestic violence. In UK they value animals.

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