Nigerian Government has borrowed food from ECOWAS – Minister

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The minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mustapha Baba-Shehuri has disclosed that the Nigerian Government has loaned about 5000 metric tonnes of grains from ECOWAS to feed its citizens.

He stated this while receiving the 3,999 tonnes of cereals donated to Nigeria by ECOWAS.

“The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria loaned 5,000MT of assorted grains from ECOWAS Stock which was agreed to be paid back on grain for grain basis.

“Modalities had been put in place to replace the ECOWAS Stock before the advent of COVID-19 Pandemic. That notwithstanding, I can assure you that the stock will be replaced in due course, ” he said

He said to tackle the food crisis in the West African Sub-region, the Heads of Government of ECOWAS member states decided to establish a Regional Food Security Reserve (RFSR) Programme.

“This includes keeping a substantial quantity of food in her Food Reserve that can be used for interventions in case of emergencies and to boost food security within the ECOWAS member States,” he said.


  1. But wait o I thought someone said that ECOWAS countries are borrowing food from Nigeria, then how come Nigeria is the one borrowing food now from them. When will this country tell its citizen the truth

    1. Well, ECOWAS are made of of different countries we can still inter exchange but borrowing food is wht i can’t understand Nigeria has borrowd billions of naira in cause of the pandemic why food again who ate the food?

  2. I feel so sad whenever I come across this type of news item. Why is our government like this
    Must they play politics with everything
    This food they are talking of, who and who ate it. Is Nigeria double? Which Nigeria are they talking about
    Unless if they have a clique that ate this food he is talking of alone

  3. I read something about operation field Nation (OFN) in 70’s established by general olusegun obasanjo, where is it and where is the farm? We have everything it takes to produce and export our own food, it a shame on us to be borrow food from other countries.

  4. Government should do the needful and provide equipment for the youths to tackle the inadequate of food in Nigeria, taking food from other countries can not solve our problem in Nigeria. Government should find lasting solution to this inadequate of food. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  5. That’s what we are being known for now.
    Borrow food borrow wears, borrow money,borrow weapon,we now borrow everything God help us.

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