Stop calling yourselves black, black is the absence of good – Pastor Chris

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has shared his thoughts about Africans calling themselves black.

Speaking in a telecast to his members, he made it known that black means the absence of colour and anything good.

He further questioned why Africans who rejected the negro and nigga tag will accept being called black when they all mean the same thing adding that it is about time Africans stop calling themselves black and quit this black lives matter thing.

Read his statement below:

“Maybe I should tell you something, those of you that say black lives matter, I feel sorry for you! Do you really believe you have a black life? Do you want me to read to you the meaning of black?

“Who called you black? Shouldn’t you have rejected that from the beginning? A contradiction, a bundle of contradiction. You refused negro and nigga… But that’s what black is. You took the English version.

“Negro means black. Do you know what black means… Have you ever seen black? Black means the absence of colour, absence of good, absence of light and absence of direction. These are the meaning of black. Black is not a colour but the absence of colour.. like you are sick, don’t you understand it?

“It’s about time Africans say to themselves we are not black. STOP ALL THIS BLACK LIVES MATTER! Let no one call you black because you are not black… The definition of black is not good and they are using it to destroy you…

“When you keep calling yourself black… You mean light is absent, colour is absent and you will never come to a place of light… You will be under… When God gives you a Prophetic instruction, it is important that you follow into the latter.”


  1. I think they say that black is beautiful but truly I don’t know why most bad things are represented with black
    Even darkness is black
    Are all these things not immaterial, whether black or white I feel what matters is the mind and not the physical color
    My opinion though

  2. I don’t see anything bad in Calling oneself black, who created it God? And he doesn’t say in his book that anything black is bad. Therefore, calling oneself black isn’t bad.

  3. As you can see and you know, there is different between white and black people. Even our attitude can differentiate us, the way white people treat themselves is different from the way black people treat themselves, white people love one another but black people are selfish etc. We should learn how to change our attitude, so that we will see ourselves as useful to one another.

  4. I agree with you sir.
    But I don’t think that is why we are like this,we are really full with envy, greed and other things that made the white dislike us.

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