When I see aged lawmakers sleeping at plenary, I feel ashamed – FCT Chief Judge, Bello

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The Chief Judge of federal capital territory( FCT) high court, Ishaq bello has reacted to the issue of lawmakers sleeping during plenary.

Speaking at a two-day capacity building workshop for young lawyers in Abuja on Monday August 24, he noted that the younger generation is needed to effect the much needed change across the country adding that he feels ashamed when he sees aged lawmakers sleeping during plenary.

He said;

“When I see aged people sleeping at the senate or house of reps, contributing nothing when they have young people at their constituencies to promote, I feel ashamed.”


  1. This is true. We all feel the same way you feel Sir. In a country of millions of people, some group of persons have decided to be recycling themselves in positions of governance refusing the young ones to come up.
    They are not allowed the youth who are stronger to do the jobs
    They cannot cheat nature, since a man must get weak as the year goes by
    Please they should retire and give chance to a more viable stronger youth groups

  2. It is saddened to see all these old men sleeping at the national assembly plenary, we (youths) need to rise up to the task and retire those old men back to their house because they contribute nothing and they don’t want to leave the stage but we need to retire them by Force.

  3. May be. Nigerians youths need to come together and form a party of our own because some of this old papa won’t allow us to contest under the famous party we all know, the amount that they will be selling their forms won’t be affordable for the youths. Let’s start the revolution now by not allow those old papa to return back to the NASS and other elected political posts.

  4. U are right Sir but we are nw in a age were no room for the young to grow anymore except those who have been in power for ages thts naija for you

  5. They want to eat it every thing themselves,greed.
    That’s what’s called greed,no amount of money would be enough for them.

  6. The youths can’t cheat the nation
    They Cannot Cheat Nature, Since A Man Must Get Weak As The Year Goes By
    Please They Should Retire And Give Chance To A More Viable Stronger Youth Groups.

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